Monday, 26 May 2014

What I think about people when I see one.

You'd see me scratching my back, my head and other parts of my body anxiously because I don't like being in a crowd. It feels as if they are all watching me and criticising me on the way I look, I walk and some other things about me that they might find irritating. 

It's like when you walk up to the stage to receive a prize. And you feel like everyone's looking at you and paying their utmost attention to you. AND... the 'what if' moment comes crashing into your mind giving you these unwarranted thoughts of how you could fall of the stage, or take a wrong step and slam your face right smack onto the floor. Those things are just what these unqualified 'paparazzi's would just scream to see. 

Those camera flashes are just ready to ignite and those snapshots are just itching to be uploaded onto the internet. and all of your reputation would come crashing down into oblivion just like that. That might be a case for a superstar or a super-duper-star but not for me I guess. Maybe people would go pass it in just a few days or maybe weeks and that embarrassing memory would soon cease to exist, or so it's what you want yourself to think. 

I always forget that I am a human myself. Sometimes, if I make a fool out of myself, it always bothers me to the extent that, I just can't stop slapping my face with my hands. It's just too humiliating to even remember. Nonetheless, people don't actually care! They care about themselves. They don't care about you, they don't care about how you look or how you see yourself. Sometimes maybe they do care, but not as much as you care yourself. 

It's like when you walk into a mall, and you don't even know that guy's name and suddenly he dripped a blob onto his shirt. Would you even remember his face after that? I don't think so. They would look pass it and just move on. That's exactly how it's going to happen.

No matter how embarrassed you are, or how humiliating for you to walk in front of other people and if the next time you make a fool out of yourself, just don't be. I might be afraid of showing myself to the crowd, but I don't really care what other people think about me. People who envy you for your ingenuity will always find a way to downgrade you and your soul so that you would soon lose the spirit to perpetually strive for your success.

Those are the typical human sense in which we are all born with and don't be scared to show the people what you are capable of doing. If it's what you are happy doing so why care what other people think about you, just continue on doing the things you like to do because in the end, you will always have yourself to cheer up and not those haters who just can't seem to stop hating you.