Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Story of my life

Hi peeps. Here I am again, have not been true to my words for the hundredth time. Should have expected that I won't be that committed. Haha

Anyway, just to clarify, I did write something a week ago but I got frustrated because when I was writing and you know how I would do it, I wrote this long very beautifully narrated story (laughs) and stopped since I hadn't transferred the picture yet to my computer. But me being me who just loves to procrastinate, I left the post hanging on my laptop for several days. I did notice that blogger couldn't actually save my work so I just left it there because I was too lazy to even do anything about it.

And you guessed it.

I turned off my laptop and yup everythings gone. So that's the story of my life.

So enough of that, a bit of an update to my current life, I decided to join this contest about tooth restoration. I know, I'm just being too ambitious but the thing is, I just like joining competition. The excitement, the anxiety it brings just enlightens me. Partly because, I just like winning and I could meet new people.

This contest, specifically means something to me since it's about dentistry and art mashed up together. And I would so much love to go to that contest and meet new faces and maybe make new friends. Who knows I could learn something new, right?

Continue on...

So this contest has a few stages before I could even be dubbed as a winner, if I ever got the chance. The first stage, submitting the forms. I know this is a normal routine of any competition but just so you know, out all of the forms, they'll screen the best out of all. And from that stage, the best few will be posted their work on the contest FB and the most likes will be able to advance to the next stage. Best 15 to be exact. And from that best 15, best 5 will be chosen for the final battle and the winner will be chosen from those 5.

It's a tedious process indeed, I know. But it's something I'm willing to bet my time and money on. Though it's not something I'd hope to win but I'll just cherish every moment of the process.

Okay guys that's all for now. Anything I'll just update it here. Thanks guys for spending your time here!