Sunday, 24 August 2014

Yayasan Khazanah: stage 1

To tell you the truth, I've gone through this stage twice. The first one was even before my SPM result came out and the second one was after I have received my SPM result. Both of which I managed to pass through with ease, thankfully.

Maybe some of you might want to know more about this scholarship and have a look at its requirements so I'll give you the website address, or better still why don't you guys just google Yayasan Khazanah. I bet there's like tons of results which probably can satisfy your hunger for the right answer. I can try to summarise this scholarship a little bit. It's like I'd say the most valued scholarship out there since it's, I think the toughest and the most rigorous scholarship that I have been through. I'll tell you that I have been to so many scholarship interviews and this one is definitely the hardest one for me.

The company which gives out the scholarship, Khazanah, is a company which focuses on producing more future entrepreneurs. They wish to create talented scholars that can if possible change our country to be a better place and to the extend surpass other formidable countries. So I decided to take up Actuarial Science. But rest assured my friend, they still offer you myriad of other choices. And the scholarship is very luxurious. I once heard that one of its scholars, came back to Malaysia with his own sportcar which I'm very sure cost a fortune. Therefore, if you wish to know more just look it up on their website.

Just so you know, even though I applied for like 7 or 8 scholarships, I grasp not even one of them. I'm definitely sure that I might have been too picky of what I want to pursue in the future that it has cost me my dream of studying abroad. But to tell you the truth, being choosy and very thorough definitely helps you to not be in the wrong path. So make the right decision and don't let these tiny irrelevant reasons cloud your judgement like the place you wish to study or does your bestfriend take the same course as you. All those things can actually and possibly ruin your future and make you regret it later.

Okay so the first stage of Yayasan Khazanah, it's more or less like a quiz test. You'd be presented with 3 different papers or was it 4, I can't really remember because I did it like two years ago, so my memory would be a little bit scarce by now. So continue on, each paper has its own specific test and I bet with their own definite reasons. I could only remember this one paper where I had to shade this particular shape out of random polygrams. It's like they give you these picture with lots of lines joining at different places. Then I had to find the shape of a triangle and shade it dark.

The other paper, I think would be where I had to find the similarities between the objects given. For example, if you'd have to choose which animals would fit directly into a group which consist of a dog and a rat, would it be a snake, a cat or a bird? So the answer would definitely be a cat because they're all mammals. Well I'm trying so hard to remember the other paper but I can't.

To be honest, the papers aren't that tough. The toughest thing about this scholarship is the next two stages which I might elaborate on another post. And just so you know, the time span they're going to give you is ridiculously short. So if you don't have enough time to finish all the question, don't be too bothered because everyone's just like that. I think they want most questions answered correctly rather than to have all answered but fraught with wrong answers. That's is definitely a no to them.

So I hope this post can help you to have a slight glimpse of what you can expect from this scholarship. Any inquiries, don't be shy to ask. Till then, bye!

Monday, 18 August 2014


So I kind of renewed my blog. Well to be honest, the old one was kind of a huge mess and I was a bit childish, too childish to be exact with what I wrote. Maybe, this time I can make amends with those who do read my blog and try to put in some good readings so that, you guys wouldn't be bored reading the same mundane materials over and over again.

Okay, to cut things short, I think my materials would revolve more about my journey towards becoming a full-time dentist. And maybe I can share you my bits of the fun experiences I gained being a university student. But before I go further to explaining the real reason why I did what I did, I just want to tell you that I got accepted into Universiti Malaya, a quite well-known university in Malaysia and I am so proud and thankful to be given this opportunity. This actually explains why I need to have a fresh new setting so that, this time it'd be especially for the next 5 years of my life as a dental student shared to you guys.

Since I only have about a few weeks left to not get totally stressed out by the non-stop assignments and classes, I'm going to salvage this few weeks left by making this blog more readable and I might include a chatbox so that if you guys were to have any inquiries pertaining to being a dental student or the requirements you need to be able to get admissions into Universiti Malaya, I would so much love to give you my utmost sincere answers and responds. I would also love to share you my thoughts and comments and even maybe some words of encouragement if you guys might have some doubt in what you are going to pursue later on.

I know, some of you might disapprove of my writings because of how every single thing here is going to be written completely in English but rest assured, I mean no boasting or of any sort. I just want to find a way to keep on improving my proficiency in English and at the same time, make my writings available to all especially to those who are keen to know more.

I hope you guys will stay tuned with what I have installed for you next. I'd make sure to post regularly and more frequently, and to keep you guys in touch with my upcoming experiences and stories. And again if any of you are interested in asking me questions, just ask. I'd be much appreciated if you did. Again thanks.